Come up for air

By: Bethelhem Teame

Fighting gets exhausting
When the waves are closing in
Your hands want to give up
Ready to wave the white flag

Your knees are no longer in control
Your mind is in turmoil
You want to close your eyes
Reality sucks otherwise

But to float, float and float
To the light on the other end that is bright
Beyond that vast land of the color white

The little voice in you screams in pain
‘Fight!’ ‘Fight!’, ‘Fight!’ it orders time and again
You hear but you don’t listen

All your senses seem to be frozen
But giving up is actually easy
You just trade your last breath in
You want to forget about everything
But instead of floating you are drowning

Hmm..once you stop fighting
That’s when you stop floating
And that’s when you start drowning

‘Open your eyes..’ now it no longer is order but a plea
The little voice begs from the waters of the sea
‘Come up for air despite everything else….
Come up for air against all odds…
Come up for air against all waves….

Come up for air against all forces…
Against the tides and strong winds

Try it once…
One breathe at a time
One stroke per time
You will see the shore in no time
‘Come up for air!’ shouts the voice one more time.


3 thoughts on “”

  1. hello Bethlehem i have read your two poems and i am very much touched by the ideas presented there. there is a good rhyming and the flow of ideas is indeed remarkable. it lets not ones attention deviate. but, it rather evokes ones appetite to read more and more. keep it up. if you continue to be such a writer, i will keep to be a die hard fun of yours as long as your skill continues to grab my attention. nice piece of writing.

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