Sweet Confusion….

By: Bethelhem Teame

He is back……
The man with that dark probing eyes is back
Making me restless is his job
I forgot how he made me sob,
the last time he walked out,
twisting a dagger in my heart

Remember how I vowed?
Not to love again or be loved?
But now my resolute is undone
My walls are collapisng down

I appraise myself on the mirror once,
And thrice…
Wondering if he would like my curls tied or loose and wild.
I bought the perfume he liked, it wasn’t easy to find
but I remember him complimenting it once
When I wore it to our first dance.

I go all over the conversations we would have in my mind
Even practice how to laugh and to walk around
I want to be perfect in his eyes.
I kneel down on my knees and pray the evening to go nice.

My closet is empty now, all my dresses are on the ground.
I have tried everything fancy in my cupboard
But I still find myself lacking in my eyes.
Tonight, it is perfection nothing otherwise

He smiled at me when he saw me appear on the lobby
My knees are all wobbly,
my legs go jelly.
I stumbled and he caught me,
I am clumsy if he is around me.

A peck on the cheek and I am all frenzy,
My pulse is racing like crazy.
I am burning despite the blazing AC.
He does this to me
and I feel like I need antidote shots to calm me




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