My first 3D chat…..

By: Bethelhem Teame

I really didn’t want to leave my warm, cozy and inviting bed that eventful morning- Yes, the day I first heard my 3D chat. And yes, my undying love for sleep is still in its place— for those of you who are wondering about my forbiddingly long, out of the space, sleeping habits.

 ‘Wake up!” shouted my friend as she opened the curtains and let the warmth of the sun fill the room.

I groaned and tried to fight her off as I put the pillow over my head, shying away from the lights of the sun, but eventually gave in  to the smell of the cup of Starbucks coffee in her hand.

Suddenly I was all alert and attentive.

Today, we are going to take the bus and the Metro, So take a shower and slip into something comfortable.” She said handing me the coffee.

Stop being such a diva and get ready for the adventure, no taxis or drives… no more personal carriages for you, princess.” She was already picking out my cloths from the closet. The determination in her face brooked no argument or discussion. I opened my mouth to complain but nothing came out. I realized why her brother and I are not acting upon the intense chemistry between us-I can’t have her as my sister-in-law. Never!

I never had imagined my day would unfold a number of unprecedented ,interesting and quirky incidents, though. If I had known such free,uncensored dramas happen while commuting by public transportation on a daily basis, I would have been a regular commuter sooner than before.

Remember how some people have the ability to talk about something in uniquely detailed manner and draw a vivid sketch for you that you feel like you actually have been there? How, if you close your eyes, you can see it all happening? I have met such people and they never fail to fascinate me. It’s quite a gift-I want to be born with in my next life.

However, this fellow I met in the metro is on another level of this talent. He was not only eidetic, he can also chat a 3D chat. I was so mesmerized, I ended up missing several stops and landed on the other side of the city. My friend who dozed off on her chair while listening to an inspirational meditation of some sort still blames me for what happened that day after getting off on the wrong stop. Talk about being adventurous….

This guy was trying to direct his friend to a well-known Thai restaurant in Dubai and apparently  had to do it in a 3D method. Well the world is changing, so should our forms of talking right? Technology baby!!!

Okay, park your car on the northern side of the hotel and get out. Go straight ahead to you right, I repeat, to your right. Walk, walk walk,… stop there!” He actually put his hand in front of his friend to stop him while in sitting position. “Do you see the elevator in front of you with the neon advertisement of ‘Splash’ above it? Take that, press the open button, Get on the elevator, press tenth floor. Let’s go.” His friend was listening to him attentively and all ears. He must have really wanted to go to that Thai restaurant.

I, on the other hand, put down my book on my lap and took a mental picture of the guy. He was not wearing the black sunglasses and PVC clothing like the ones in the Matrix trilogy. “Am I being Punk’d then? Okay Ashton, where are you?“-I had to ask. I know I am no celebrity or anything but hey, maybe Ashton Kutcher decided to do his first non-celebrity Punk’d episode on me. This is what I love about me-I daydream a lot.

Okay, now the elevator door opens, step out. What do you see?”, asked the 3D guy.

The boutiques, the Massage parlor, that famous bar…” The friend trailed lifelessly to gather his mental picture of the tenth floor. It was so lame, nothing like his friend’s description.

Now walk, walk, keep walking..the Asian massage parlor is to your right, the manicure shop is to your left…walk walk and keep walking..look, that big boutique is to your right, the Victoria Secret is to your left…walk walk and walk…this is the Western Union office that is to your right and to your left is that candy store….walk, walk, walk, look! to your right there is that leather boutique and to your left there is that restaurant with red carpets and curtains, let’s go, …get in…get in, why are you hesitating? Pass the red sofas facing the big window that shows you the panorama of Bur Dubai, walk and walk…Here we are, what do you see to your left…? 

I don’t know about his friend but I was there. I was standing inside that red carpet and red curtained house, past the red couches looking at the maitre d’waiter, standing outside the Thai restaurant and greeting me politely. I was virtually there. I can smell the white lilies on the big flower vase near the red sofa.

Oh the one next to the Sushi house! I got it!” his friend was there too, few minutes behind me. I think his hardware is a little to slow, a little  intel Pentium 4 for his intel core i7 processor friend of his- I am not judging here merely pointing an observation. It is true, sometimes we make friends with the exact opposite magnetic pole and we hear that beautifully and blissfully foolish click.

I was virtually inside the Thai Restaurant that I missed our stop and went on three more stops which by the way hadn’t it been for my friend, I would have virtually gone somewhere else and different era-I could hear the coachman screaming-‘Next stop wonderland!‘. But with all seriousness, I wanted to ask if the guy has been to Paris before and if he could direct me to a cozy and beautiful bistro near the Eiffel Tower.

Don’t you wish you had such a friend? He is so technology savvy that he is 3D chatting….Wow. I have not yet even mastered two dimensioned chats. My family has officially banned me from our family conference time on FaceTime. They say I couldn’t keep the pace or something.

I just wanted to give you the heads up before you come across a 3D chat and freak out or get lost in translation. It is normal these days and keep abreast of the technology around you.

As for me, I am looking forward to that poor fellow who would dare ask me for a direction next time…for I will surely and definitely 3D him and virtually send him or her to their desired destination. You should try it too…watch out, rumor has it the traffic is jammed there.

Pic: by Free Matrix Reality Screensaver: free-matrix-reality-screensaver.en.softonic.com700 × 522


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