‘The hunter games’

By: Bethelhem Teame

No man wants an easy girl. Period. As simple and as plain as that. 

Let me put this fact in a layman’s language; men are hunters. Hunters prowl. Hunters spot. Hunters chase. And just like any true  hunter at heart, men, very much enjoy the thrill of the chase. 

The sooner we realize this and incorporate it into our daily lives’ activities, the better- for everyone involved. Especially, these section of women who are hallucinating about taking matters into their own hands by breaking the ice or approaching men first. They have been heard of saying that it is the ‘coolest’ and ‘popular trend’ in our era. 

The dawn of the 21st century or the  twilight of the Stone Ages-Men are hunters. Their preys might change in quality and quantity over the time, but they have remained true to their colors. They are hunters. They hunt. Well, I am no deer or  coyote, but hey if that is what gets them going, then who am I to stand on their ways. Hunt away guys, by all means.

You see, I hate bursting fantasies-as weird and strange as they might be. 

hunter two


This is America!” a friend of mine shouted in exaggerated manner-in her newly Americanized pronunciation and action-throwing her hands in the air just like she doesn’t care. She used to be so meek back at home. This was her reaction to my advice to her to quit wearing her heart on her sleeves and to be a little too coy, mysterious and play hard to get.

With her outburst, curious glances darted from everywhere towards our table. If she meant it to intimidate me, then she definitely have forgotten how ‘Americanized’ I too can be-here or back at home. I gave her a standing ovation and said loudly so that everybody in the restaurant can hear, “Wow, well-done!  You will be great on your show later tonight. Is it a parody of Hamlet?” Her jaw dropped. It was priceless to watch how quickly she gained her middle ground from her extreme Americanization attitude she is trying out these days.

Americanized or not, no man wants an easy girl. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  I can’t emphasis enough on this. 

Having said that, the perfect way to keep a man interested and hooked is to indulge him to play the hunter role he so conveniently wants to play. Let him show off his hunter skills and know-hows. Indulge him. What is to lose? After all, this is their game, their ridiculous rule, their field, we are just upgrading it a version or so- subtly and wisely.  Two can play that game.

I don’t know which dimwit has been coaching my friend on relationship issues, he needs to be stoned for his -“as a ‘free-spirited, modernized, millennial, your view towards romance’ should be quite liberal” -advice that is practically throwing my friend onto a moving train. She believed his juvenile advices. I wanted to punch him on the face, punch him real hard till he sees rotating stars or hear chipping birds. 

No man wants an easy girl; and anyone who is telling you the opposite is either too green to the ways of men or too conceited to admit the truth. Deep down every man knows and wants to chase the girl he spotted in the hunt session called romance; if she comes a little too easily, then she definitely isn’t the girl he wants anymore. There is something electrifying and exciting for men about the whole process of pursuing a woman. Don’t we all enjoy that thrill of a good chase that plays with the strings of our attention? But in this game, it seems that men are taking it a little too far. 

Giving in too easily to the woos of a man is like breaking a child’s brand new toy he so wanted to have for a very long time- once it is broken, he can’t  and won’t play with it anymore. The toy along with its spell is broken; it no longer holds the same appeal ……. funny but I am sure many men agree with me at this. 

“What is wrong with a woman taking the lead, breaking the ice  or being an easy going and open about her feelings?” said my friend confused and tired of this game we play in the name of romance. Logically, nothing is wrong with it. Nada. But it is far from the reality on the ground. Apparently many men believe that it is emasculating, if God forbid, the roles are switched and the woman asks first, break the ice or if she comes off as too easy; it is a downer, a mood-killer, a turn off for the man. So I suggest women to bite the bullet and play along for  the sake of everyone involved. I am sick and tired of long hours of phone calls offering therapy and consultation to friends, acquaintances, friends of friends….for free. 

The bottom-line is women need to play hard to get to hook a man’s interest and keep him hooked. It is our prerogative as the preys. That is how and when the game makes sense. Screaming ‘this is America’ isn’t an answer nor a solution for this twisted desire for men to want to hunt. Men already know most women play hard to get and they love us for it- because we are keeping the end of the deal. We make the game and chase alive. I really can’t put my hands on this particular revelation, maybe it is some kind of emotional starvation or some eldritch psychological issue, but for some reason still unknown to me, men love to toil and sweat to get a woman- so why not let them work for it. Keep him at bay, push and pull…do whatever you have to do …but never throw in the towel without having him slave to earn your time, love or heart. You know two can play that game, right?

This is what happened the last time some ‘independent’ ‘confident’  woman tried to break the ice with her little sister’s tutor, who confessed his deepening interest in her to a mutual friend. Despite my stern lectures and warnings on my part, throwing caution to the wind, she went ahead and popped the question. He blinked several times, tried to find his voice but nothing coherent came out, gulped a bottle of water and somehow managed to tell her to give him some time to think it over. Oh! How much this situation calls for my ‘I told you so!’ but refined myself after taking one look at her distressed expression. 

Long story short, the tutor was AWOL for a month before he resigned from his tutorial duties through a phone. As accounted later by the mutual friend, and I quote “Something inside me snapped when she took the lead. Some tasks should be totally done only by men” I haven’t still figured out my reaction for this. Neanderthalism???Imagine if she had asked him to marry her….he would go straight to coma. 

It’s true that an object in possession seldom retains the same charm it had in pursuit.  General knowledge and experience, right? So create the illusion of mysteriousness  and unavailability in the eyes of your man. Keep him guessing and wondering. I heard men never dive beyond the surface; so they will never be bothered with cracking the codes of your secret compartment or the depth of your mysteriousness but they will think they will die trying. The harder the chase, the deeper the excitement; and ladies and gentlemen that particular excitement is what later on becomes the base for the mighty love.



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