Mr.Clueless and Ms. Innocence

By: Bethelhem Teame 

If you can’t read between the lines

If you can’t decipher the cryptic codes

If you can’t roger my distress calls

If you can’t see my soul through my eyes

Then you are truly clueless

Captive of your own innocence

If my hugs are a pleasantry

If my kisses are just friendly

If my caresses are platonic

If my whispers aren’t enough poetic

I despise your cluelessness

Little girl, I loath your innocence

If you mistake my advances

If you misread my gestures

If you misunderstand my yearnings

If you miscalculate my longings

You are more than clueless

Innocent beyond innocence

If I can’t be in your dreams

If I can’t trigger your emotions

If I can’t make you nervous

If I can’t give you the vibes

Then am I the one who is clueless?

Could I be the one trapped in innocence?

If we can spend this much time together

If we couldn’t grow cold rather

If we do everything that lovers do

If we ignore their playful innuendo

Are we both clueless?

Lost in a ridiculous innocence?

Who is clueless?

Which one of us is prisoner of innocence?

Should you be innocent,for not feeling what I am feeling?

Should I be the clueless for feeling what you are not feeling?

Mr. Clueless….


I like the sound of it in my mouth

If I can deny everything and its aftermath ….

man thinking

Pic: A Man Deep in Thought. Sourced from 


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