When Esther failed to stop the Lampedusa Tragedy…..


Refuse all solace, Esther, your children, the ones you bore with heavy travail, with coins of blood and sweat, have vanished, perished, gone and buried deep down.

Rip your cloths and put on a sackcloths, Esther, lament, cry, weep and sit on ashes; your children, the ones you brought forth with painful labor, have been snatched from your embrace, their bodies have become food to the animals of the sea and the sky.

Close your eyes and ears, Esther, refuse comfort and remember them when you close your eyes, let them be alive at least in your heart and mind. 

Esther, that Thursday was not the time to persist in silence; but to stand and change your attire, put on your royal robes and intervene between the punisher and the punished, to kneel before the one that brought this tragedy upon your children; to offer your life instead of theirs, beg that they would be spared. That Thursday, that black mark in history was to be reversed, if you had won any favor in the punisher’s eyes; but we all know what has happened and it is really sad. 

Esther, did you somehow neglected your position and let your children perish all at once; body over body, their corps stacked on a hangar; numbered instead of named and honored? Mordecai, where is your persistent? Where is your zeal to protect your people and your countrymen? I don’t see a man with sackcloth in the city square in front of the king’s gates to beg for his people’s lives from the destruction and tragedy they have faced that day, when they were slaughtered and sprawled all over the earth like children of no one.

Even if the golden scepter isn’t stretched for you; shouldn’t you have approached the throne of the palace of, whomever rolled the dice to the tragedy that claimed so many innocent lives? Pacify and appease the wrath that roared venomously and nipped the buddings from your garden before they bloomed to the sun? Plead in front of God, the king, the world community or that mighty waters of Lampedusa to spare the lives of your children and prevent the tragedy that knocked the doors of every house?  Who answers to the tragedy that has befallen us? Who do we ask for? Who was supposed to stretch the golden scepter for Esther and grant her the prayers of her heart? Who reverses the decree, rewrites the fate and holds out the golden scepter over what has happened in Lampedusa? 

Esther your request might have saved your people in ancient times; Mordecai, your prayers might have prevented the destruction that was to befall your countrymen in the old times, but it has met a deaf ear and blind eye this time? Or you two never fulfilled your duties and never were present in the position you hold to save lives? Esther failed to save her children from the tragedy in Lampedusa……how sad?

 It was a twist of a knife in her heart that finally tore her up from inside out. Her eyes haven’t dried yet, her tears still flow in silence and I am afraid she can’t be consoled, she has lost her heart. Esther has been robbed, robbed  of her children from within her bosom and she was a helpless woman with a broken heart,sad eyes and wrenched soul.

Esther remembers that woman who drowned that Thursday with her four little children by her side; the fourth one, an infant in her embrace. How must she have felt at the last minute when life was slipping by, when the light was won over by  the chilling darkness of death and its merciless clutches? When death claimed her children as its own and snatch them from her embrace one by one? Her hands frantically fighting a helpless fight. Did she scream? Or cried silently at the cruelty of the world and the turned back of God? She must have cursed Esther for not  honoring her duty; for failing in her mission to stop this cruel fate she and her children faced before she finally closed her eyes, witnessing to the horror of seeing her children close their eyes one by one. 

O! Mighty sea and your arrogant waters that never bow down, how cruel and hungry must have you been that day to never extend your mercy to the newborn baby, who was cold and shivering, in the middle of nowhere still attached to his dead mother with the umbilical cord that still made him her part, her half?  You snatched his mother and to sate your gawking hunger, deprived him of a mother’s first warm embrace, a name to answer to, a dream to pursue, a childhood to experience and life to live before you devour him to your hollow accommodations and muffled his cries?I think you have shown your ugliest side, when you raged and snatched….You obviously know no mercy, you collect ruthlessly when your time comes.

I heard there was a medicine man among the pack; he was studying one day to become a great man who saves life. I swear, Sea if you had given him a chance, he would have made you proud and you would never have regretted sparing his life  if you hadn’t wrestled him and won; if you hadn’t mocked his helpless struggles to escape from under your heavy hands that pulled him down to your deepest tombs inside your dark heart…You took a lot from us, you have left a lasting scar in our heart. You didn’t only take the children but also their dreams, youth and their second chance in life; we keep bleeding and you keep taking from us.

When you roared venomously, throw your rages strongly, when you shook the ship and toyed with the lives….your dark chuckles were heard and disarmed many of their last bundle of hope they clutched. When you know the extent of your power over them, when you already know how this will end like every unmatched fight….I have a question here sea, I couldn’t understand, you see, how you could continue to torment the helpless souls that were fleeing their past to have a better future and change their lives? How could you unleash your power like that, when you already know who will win the fight? 

Wind and fire sided with the sea, the coming together of the powers over the weak. Your united roars silenced the prayers of the voiceless. Your power were unleashed over the powerless. Lest Esther failed her mission, their voice could have knocked doors, when they pray for supplication; but I heard you muffled their cries, when you unleashed you loud wiles. You cheated the fight, it was never a fair fight.

Esther should have knelt down till your anger was appeased and her plea had been heard in your ears. She should have persisted until she touched the tip of scepter and demanded her people’s fate to be rewritten and reread on the news outlets that broadcasted the wrenching news that tore our heart, to undo that Thursday and grant us a new Wednesday morning with brand new start…..

A year passed by; the memory of the tragedy still vivid in our eyes…, we stand at high courts and are waiting for the golden scepter to be raised and our prayers to be answered…. “For we are sold, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish….Let us be granted our people for our request….


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