Should we…? May we…? Can we…?

By: Bethelhem Teame


Should we stay like this forever more?

Forget the consequences it had bore?

You are in my embrace;

Yet somehow I am in your arms.…

This is magical

It sounds mystical



United, and,


My heart’s pace and yours matches

One rhythm, the breath from our mouths

May I capture this moment?

Freeze time and challenge its concept?

Let all our tomorrows be just like this instance?

Our whole future exactly like this occurrence?

Head over heals in love

Very much alive



Cheerful, and,


I will be your home and you will be my shelter….

One wholesome, when both the halves come together

Can we close behind the world outside?

Into our world that defies the reality behind our backyard?

All the rules, laws, norms and tradition aside.

You and I, with no jury or judge to decide

The choices we make

Or the rules we break




Might seem irrational,

But it makes perfect sense to us

Regardless, what is being said by the mass

Should we be a medicine to each other?

Heal the wounds and scars of one other?

You kiss away my tears and they dry

I chase all your bad dreams and they’re away

I will be your lucky charm

For many years to come

Lets be fools together

And come even closer

It’s better

Its sweeter

Might seem darker from outside

But is brighter from inside

And if we make a mistake,

Let’s have a clean break

Lets call this, a fever….

That attacked us one summer day

Pic: Bethelhem Teame


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