Conversation with nature….

IMG_1188The morning beyond that night

IMG_1194-1 Discarded….

IMG_1193If you get closer, even the scars have their own charms….


“What lies ahead?” A daunting and deafening silence, from the beautiful sight.IMG_1189Stolen, sweet kisses of the sun….
IMG_1190Fallen…. Fallen
AdobePhotoshopExpress_2014_10_14_18:39:41Show me the meaning of being lonely……

Pic: Bethelhem Teame


10 thoughts on “Conversation with nature….”

  1. ” Look deep in to nature, and then you will understand everything better.” A. Einstein I think this “Deep” holds everything , including the stories you’ve mentioned…. and this is what makes the Creator “Almighty!!”

    1. Dear Moose, thank you for sharing this , you are right, if the creation is this much deep and beautiful, how perfect and awesome is the Creator. And all His creations tell a story of their Creator, wisdom and love. Thanks

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