The cornered mouse never fights but cries

By: Bethelhem Teame


This storm is rising.

I see the clouds darkening.

The air  around me is suffocating.

I am standing but feels like drowning.

The waves inside me are surging.

The tides within are moving.

The angry winds are circling,

Ululating. Dancing.

The first droplet of tears fell silently.

Miserably and uncontrollably.

The calm before the storm,

That shook the roots of my home.

Oh! My,  what follows…

Only God knows.

When the gates of hell opened loose,

I saw the darker side ooze.

When the knot become undone,

The result was final and sudden.

A roar like a wounded beast escaped me,

It was strange to my ears; asked if this is me

I never knew I had it in me.

I saw my self depart and my life without me.

The gushing tears couldn’t be controlled,

No furry like a woman scorned, embittered.

Angered and outraged.


The droplets that escaped the gates that held them….

Flowed like a small wild river without a name.

I, on the other hand bewildered

Stood frozen and afraid

But my tears fell down anyway

Though I keep brushing them away

So I cry in defiance

My tears flow down in silence

At the helplessness of my nature

At the cruelty of all the other creatures



4 thoughts on “The cornered mouse never fights but cries”

    1. Dear O.P, thanks for the comment. It got me thinking…..hmmm. You got me cornered here….but it will boil down to the character of the mouse. I mean I have seen and known meek mouses crying when cornered even the huge and strong ones but on the other hand what you said makes some sense….not that they are not cornered enough but because they are mice and think fighting then would bring nothing back. Maybe. This is maybe.
      O.P what do u think?

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