What is loneliness……?

Bethelhem Teame

Everything around us tells a story. Every eye sees different shade and angle of the story. Every mind interprets these stories differently. New York makes me feel lonely, when I roam the streets aimlessly. But it never leaves me bored or confused. It gives me clarity, as a hermit would in the heart of the lonely mountains. It presents me with different stories, sides and faces of life, so in reality I am never lonely. For me loneliness might be like this bird below….up, on the tip of a tree, in the coldest hours of the cold weather. Gray scale or color- my camera couldn’t be able to get rid of the lonesome factor from this story or picture.

-1 IMG_1181

Or, it might be like the huddle of these stones, placed close to each other but ice cold to one another. Sad to the eyes and a pang of bitter chill to the heart. Cold to the touch. My attempt to soften the loud silence that chilled each other to the touch through the bubbles remain a far cry…..They still remain cold, lonely and unattached. Is this the cause or result of loneliness, I sometimes can’t get the order right.


Or, these two leaves of the same kind, from the same branch and trunk…that drifted apart and couldn’t reach out to each other against the current of cold winter wind that shook them off the tree that hold them together once? Very sad. But I feel in the dark, there will be a time, where they would reach out to each other, if not in body…then in their souls and thus the two sides of the story I saw upon beholding this sad sight….

IMG_1143 IMG_1153

Or, these two buildings that have been existing under the same blue sky, across from each other, always in each other’s sight….but their unquenched longings for each other made them stand lonely through out the four seasons of every year that prolongs their loneliness. Unfulfilled longing can indeed accentuate loneliness…..


Or, this wall- when all the flowers that have adorned it, left one by one….baring it open and vulnerable, naked to the eyes. The last attempt of the wall to be surrounded by some branches- dreading the prospect of staying alone when winter knocks at the door and bashes in un-welcomed. Holding on to the faint traces of the past memories and crowds…..

IMG_1149 IMG_1150

Or, it could be the longest unfulfilled romance between the sky and the sea….reflecting the mood of one another. The depressing loneliness from realizing that they can never be together, not even once.…..


Or, of that stranger that stood from the other side of the shore, looking at the horizon of the home and the family he dreamt of having one day…… trying to freeze the essence of loneliness in the frame of a camera……


What is loneliness?

Pic by Bethelhem Teame


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