“I miss you…..”?

By: Bethelhem Teame

‘I miss you.’ Period. A message popped out on my screen.
‘Miss me? Tell me…..that you missed me too’ Another message followed up.
If I thought the first message was sent to the wrong person, the second has confirmed my haunch. He is definitely talking to other girls in his list and accidentally sent the wrong messages to me- confirming that men have a problem with multitasking- my mea culpa- I am sure he is not this impudent to send me such messages now.
It was very late- literally and metaphorically. I ignored the messages and went on with my tasks, lately I seem to have mixed my sleeping hours, I am up working all night and I sleep during the daylight. Rumor has it that I might have some vampire relations and ancestries.
‘I miss you.’ A third message popped out. It stopped me on my tracks. Could it be for me, then? I asked. He can’t make such series mistakes unless he is drunk and I know very well that he doesn’t drink. Is he sick, then? He can’t be serious. Can he? I read the messages again, making sure I read them right. Did the world decided to meet during the day while I was asleep and changed the meaning of ‘miss’ in the English language then? I opened my CNN apps on my phone and watched the headlines for the day, I was really scared that I had missed out such a momentum time in the history of our world’s dictionary and lexicon, while dozing off.
Actually I missed nothing. Nothing major, at least. The sun was raising in the east and setting in the west and the world community didn’t change the word usage or meaning of the word ‘miss’. ‘Miss’ meant the same ‘miss’ it meant the first time I come to know the world.
Oh, that is when I realized how we all have misused words such as miss- through our daily conversations and life. But this was taking it too far- it’s about time, somebody stands up to defend this particular word’s honor. Let me do my share to educate this fellow, one person at a time. Ons step at a time will take you the whole journey through. That night I went ahead and poured some more coffee to my mug, I just added a list on the entry of my to-do list: teach him the meaning of ‘miss’- So I sipped a long one from my coffee and pounded on my phone keypad, saying this…..
You taught me betrayal,
Let me teach you some moral,
You taught me how to use swords,
Let me teach you proper usage of words,
You didn’t miss me,
So stop saying that to me,
If you have missed me as you said,
With the appropriate usage of the word,
I will be in you mind, day and night
You wouldn’t want me to leave your sight
Your heart will be this big void,
It will harden into a molded solid,
Your banner would be protecting me
But you put a dagger inside me
Tearing me,
Hurting me,
Bleeding me,
Then you whisper you miss me?
Adding insult to the injury in me
You must loath me
If I am wrong, correct me
But don’t mix up words anymore
This isn’t a class in sophomore
My feelings and my heart is involved
The least you could be is concerned
Let me show you the power of words
So that you could think twice before you toss
Sit back and think,
Before you utter or speak
Do you really miss me?
Ask yourself before you ask me
The long chats from work to home
The idea of not talking to you, loathsome
Everything you said was like a religion to me
A path, a commandment set inside me
I trusted you wouldn’t betray me
But look what you have done to me
You might miss the idea of me
But in reality you don’t even need me
How else would you be able to hurt me
In order to miss me, you should have first treasured me
If you have treasured me, then you couldn’t have hurt me
If you hurt me, then you wouldn’t have the decency to miss me
If you miss me, then you are lying to yourself first then me
For you can’t really be missing me

4 thoughts on ““I miss you…..”?”

  1. Bettye wawwwwww! No words its the best article. Thank you for speaking on behalf of me. I don’t know why but lately some people are using the word ‘I miss you’ inappropriately. I thank you again for trying to remind them through your sweet words. Keep up the good work.stay blessed.

    1. Dear Rachi, some people don’t really comperehend the meaning of some words. But laugh it off- I do that when I get such messages. It shows the stupidity of the other party- I guess. I am glad I mirrored your feeling baby girl. Thats why I am here for. Thanks

  2. Betty you painted it colorfully (as usual). Ummm the word ” I miss you” is stripped out from its real meaning and it hurts when you know this big word used to add salt to your unhealed wounds.

    Love the flow of the story and you contained us within one room for those who have our own hurt. Thank for being a voice for us.

    1. Thanks Awetey Kidane. I’m glad I served as a voice to others- I’m most grateful for your comment.
      Yeah, don’t you hate it when u want to forget and they come and destroy all your fortess of barevey with a single word- a misused word at that? I do hate it….
      Thanks again for the support.

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