She is a man-eater….

By: Bethelhem Teame


Smashed, she returned his heart on a golden platter
She cut it into two, what a devious splitter
She always dons red but today she chose the black color
She never cried before, but here there is a tear in his honor
His heart was grandly revered in its breakage
Should he be consoled because of this homage?
Or as any man would act, turn into a savage?
When he finds out he is now her garbage….
I told you she was a man-eater
‘Don’t fall for her sweet laughter!”
She is now looking for another
She can’t wait to replace you with a new lover
When you are still stuck on her
Yearning and longing for her
Her last poetic gift with a golden ribbon bow
Was the kiss she blew you from her bedroom window
She heard the smashing of your heart on the floor
But muffled it with the click of her heels on the floor
As she opened and closed the door.

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