Lady of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

By: Bethelhem Teame

PC LOTR Mousepad LOTRO My Precious 13 Late 2010

I met Smeagol. In fact, I have known him for quite some time now. Well, I didn’t recognize him right away. He was attending a masquerade party incognito.
I bet nobody would recognize Smeagol if he would come incognito, or shifting a shape. Nobody except a Lord of the Rings Triology buff. Someone who has watched and read the book so many times over, till he or she started to feel as part of the story.  I am no fan of the Lord of the Rings sequences, books or movies. But I do have a fair share of exposure to it because of my sister. She is a real fan, so much so that she made all of the family member watch the movies several times over, read the books and got us hooked on Celtic music and the OST songs of the movies. Our dog howls sadly whenever Enya is played loudly in the house.
You think I would recognize Smeagol on first glance having going through all the books and movies. Nope. I didn’t.
I called my sister to ask if she knows whether Seamgol is missing from the scripts of the book and if there is a bounty over Smeagol’s head.
I have found him.
This is no joke.
I think I am going to make my fortune like this…..they said I will be a great woman one day- a mover and shaker. The prophesies are being fulfilled.
He has changed forms. I met Smeagol as a woman. But he couldn’t fool me anymore for I know how his eyes change at the mention and pursuit of the ring.
Life has a dark sense of humor. Smeagol to live next to me as a woman and for me to befriend her, and to expose her identity like this after gaining her trust….wow I swear life is so ruthless.
My friend aka Smeagol in disguise has been chasing the ring for ages now. You should see how she talks about the ring and the fellowship of the ring…..’Precious…..My precious…’ By the way that is how I made Smeagol- despite the makeover, that’s how I knew that Smeagol has befriended me as a woman and is chasing the ring around…..major mistake.
My friend has been moving from a state to a state and twice from a continent to another in pursuit of the ring. She told me she has to get married before the year 2015 ends. ‘I just need to get married first, then I will think about it later….’ she deemed my question unfit, my questions regarding who she wants to marry, where they will be living, how many kids, how to sustain them….etc. She just needs the ring, all is of the secondary importance to her right now. I want to ask my friend how she come to the conclusion that she can’t live without a ring on her finger. I mean falling in love, getting married is one thing and living solely for the ring is another thing.
It was Lord Byron that gave me the jolts to realize the perception of love and how love is of a man’s life a thing apart but a woman’s whole existence. I was fourteen then, but it felt very pathetic my whole existence to be reduced to such a calling. I refused to accept it. I want my whole existence to be about something more grand and meaningful. Yeah, love is grand and meaningful too but as my life’s a thing apart not my whole existence. I don’t want to be a Smeagol because of societal pressures and expectations.
I can’t really say about other women per se but Habesha women pursue the ring with the same devotion as Smeagol. Maybe much more devoted than Smeagol’s,  as if their lives depend on it and that the ring would prolong the extent of their life beyond the natural limit.
My Smeagol is quite a character. The Hollywood’s Smeagol pales in comparison when it comes to the quest of the ring. Not only did she move from state to state in search of the ring, she crossed the oceans and from continent to continent. Twice. She is no longer considering any criteria, just the ring and of course her groom has to resemble human for the tuxedo to fit. My Smeagol’s second concern is the wedding photo. She wants to look beautiful on their wedding picture and show off the possession of the ring to the other Smeagols out there in the Gollum Community.
How her eyes glow in anticipation of the ring on her finger is still a problem to me as that problem, P=NP. That’s how I knew my friend was the Smeagol out of the pages and movie scenes and that she was living in this masqueraded world in incognito. Call me little Miss Evil but last time I shook her hand, I had washed my hands with a holy water; something I watched from the movies that involve exorcism. Either lack of faith on my part or the priest who sold me the water was phony, it didn’t work. She didn’t shift a shape. But what kind of priest sells a holy water? or make you pay for exorcism? Isn’t salvation a free gift? so is deliverance.
Anyway, aside from all the Tolkienesque  characters and obstacles that are faced by the Smeagol in the Lord of the Rings, the modern Smeagol fights hard to pursue and possess the ring- just the ring, the man who offers the ring is just a symbolic figure who will be standing next to her on her wedding photo albums.  As much as I hate to lampoon all your efforts and pursuits to own the ring, I must say something tangible and meaningful here; life is not all about the ring. Its about love, friendship, family and the whole shebang of emotions and feelings that can’t be embraced within the rink of a ring. Don’t pursue the ring for all the wrong reasons; that reason that states a woman’s ultimate goal and essence of life is about wedding and the ring, for it is not. A woman is a someone before she becomes a wife, a mother and a daughter-in-law. Find who you are and be someone before you jump into the quest of the ring.  And to go once more to the movie, his undying love for the ring has got Smeagol dead as he blindly followed the ring to the molten magma. So please consider pursuing the man who offers the ring than just the ring. You have got the order wrong.
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