In love……..

Bethelhem Teame


There is a music inside my heart

Laughter and merriness also take part

I smile at the kids in the park

I hear bells instead of the grumpy dog’s bark

My steps have added a skip now

My greetings are followed with a deep bow

It’s winter outside

But spring in my mind

Did the rainbow added a color?

I swear I saw another, a hue brighter

Your three words changed the world

It’s all flower no more sword

You call me your pigsney

I call you my honey

Your whisper in my ears, ‘ I love you’

I’ve heard it before but it’s different with you

The wild thuds of your heart against mine

Gets me drunk more than wine

The gazes from your eyes are powerful

Both merciless and merciful

I’m consuming and consumed

Fire meets fiametta and it’s fueled

I beg God to give me the courage

To confess what’s been hidden in my storage

To finally say I love you too

To unite and be one, let’s stop being two


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