The Request

Bethelhem Teame
Very quick breathes, restless soul and frenzy mind state….

Ring, ring….

She didn’t wait for greetings or pleasantries, ‘ Seduce me?’ her outrageous phone call carried both natures- permission and order.
Baffled. He blinked. Suddenly his throat was dry, he was perched.
“I have a ring in my finger
my wedding is next winter,
I am spoken for
Promised and more,
Seduce me anyway
This summer, take me away,
We have time till December
Meanwhile, let’s be together,
I will soon be a blushing bride
Standing by my groom’s side,
Seduce me anyway
For I’m willing to be yours today…”
He took her up on her offer, for he is a fool more than her. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, he wanted to accommodate her request, which will take them on the cruise to the land of the lost.

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