“Let’s meet at Sweet Asmara Cafe……”

Bethelhem Teame19496130

In my dream, I was in Asmara; the Piccola Roma, the beautiful city of palm trees. It was Sunday morning and I was at Sweet Asmara Cafe. All my friends were there and we were choosing cakes.

“Fiamma and tea.” Ordered Zally.

Milifoni and Cappuccino’ with a big smile chipped in Mary .

“Sfoglia and Macchiato, please.” Kidane, the all proper-guy, the last Englishman standing ordered with a raised finger as if asking for a permission to speak and be heard over the noisy but cozy little cafe.

‘Cheese cake, chocolate cake, mini pizza, mocha ……the order continued.

Elilta was busy telling us the funny thing that happened during her commute to the cafe, and paused with a regal air and such a class to order, she gave her sweetest smile to the waitress and ordered “ my usual” I hate it when she does that, it is like  she is stating she is a regular to the cafe and that she should be treated as such. But we all are regulars in  Sweet Asmara Cafe. Who isn’t, living in Asmara? That is our second home. Our hub and meet-up place. If the walls of Sweet Asmara Cafe would talk, they would tell so many stories, stories of blossoming love and heartbreaks, stories of adventures and dramas, whispered secrets and heart to heart conversations. Those walls have seen and witnessed so many things. And we have come to love the atmosphere within those walls.  It was our home, our church, our offices and hangouts. Most, if not all, our appointments, dates and after school and work meet-ups conversations ended up with….. “so see you later at Sweet Asmara Cafe.”

The weekends add magnificent and beauty to the cafe, it is more crowded and alive with bustling activities of the regulars who frequent the place and many more. At one point I was questioning the contents of the cakes and the beverage they serve us there- for it was addictive and we all would run to the embrace of that cozy cafe even on a very full stomach. We are all regulars at Sweet Asmara Cafe. Even when we have travelled million miles away to some other lands, we cherish the beautiful moments and delicious treats of that cafe.

In my dream all was well and once again we all were together.  Rahel was there, Samri was there too, Robel was there, so were Fani and Aron. Yadi was there busy chatting with Mary and Zally. Jossi was there and Kidane was arguing as usual with Daniel and Michael. Semhar was there, smiling from ear to ear to everything that was being said. Senay was there, Asmi and Sarah, Jonathan and Abel by the corner.  Misgie,Konjit, Lele…….the list goes on. The whole gang was there. All were there. All was good. I was there among friends and I was having a second round of the macchiato I loved.

In my dream, I was in Sweet Asmara Cafe. It was Sunday morning. I could see the view of the piccola Roma that is decorated with palm trees on each side of the roads.

TAG the friends you used to go hang out with in this cafe…..


6 thoughts on ““Let’s meet at Sweet Asmara Cafe……””

  1. Bettye now you take us to our favourite and cozy place of asmarinos. I used to go with you, fre, ari, , Wintye, seni, samri…. the list goes my dear. It was really a great time for everyone. Thank you!

  2. In retrospect, I probably should probably say: the cakes, specially, and even the macchiato there are so great. Frankly speaking, I’m not fond of that noisy and crowded place with a rush-rush set up, but still fond of reading your flows in the Fiametta planet. Excellente! keep it up!

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