Fiammetta is an Italian word derived from the Latin language, which means ‘ a small flame’ – “Piccola fiamma”. I have always loved this word and have combined it with the word ‘ablaze’ …. to mean that  the little flame in the corner of the world- often forgotten and overlooked- will  one day burn brighter and stronger till it eventually becomes a big flame, its heat can’t be missed or ignored. Hence, Fiammettaablaze…..thank you all. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Bethelhem Teame is a recent graduate of Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism. She is a former columnist for the  Eritrean Profile newspaper, in Eritrea.  She has been actively involved in the newspaper for over seven years before moving to the New York, United States in 2014. Her dream is to author books and share with the world many untold stories and accounts. Her dream job is to teach journalism at a college level and be the first female minster of the Ministry Of Information in Eritrea. Her hobbies include; reading, writing, telling stories, visiting new places and photography.


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. wow, what a soothing article! Betty keep coming with such extra-ordinarily descriptive essays. I was wondered even much by the pic, whose pic is it? who drew it out?

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