The Mirror and I


The mirror and I
Looking one another in the eye
Have been asking each other why,
We tear up and cry?
After we kissed our lover goodbye?

I ask the mirror why
Mirror answers back with another why

Why does his taste lingers in my mouth?
His scent fresh in my house?
My toothbrush isn’t cleansing enough
His stain stubborn and tough
Why doesn’t the shower rinse me of him?
I backspace but can never delete him?
Why is it mirror?
That he defies the rules of nature?
Mirror echoes back
Never to reply, but to ask
To pin me down with the same question
As if I don’t already have full plate of confusion

The Habesha VampireĀ 

He lost me

Before he even had me
He was standing in the dark corridor 

Strapped with doubt as an armor 

But the path that leads to my heart

Can only be journeyed with a blind trust

He wasn’t able to cross the threshold 

Like a vampire on hold,

When the doors weren’t even closed

He wished to be summoned,

Waiting for my invitation 

He was trapped in hesitation 

I couldn’t utter the magic word

Thus, I drew my sword

If he chose to stay on the hallway 

I must then keep him at bay

He lost me 
Just before he knew me
I can outline his shadow 

His silhouette visible on the window 

The blood rushing through my neckline 

Filled both of us with dangerous adrenaline 

When I’ve left the door ajar

He wanted invitation; proper and formal

Like a vampire on hold,

He couldn’t cross the threshold 

I paraded my soul for sell

Before reason woke me up of the spell

To a man who doesn’t know my worth

I was going to give my blood oath

But that fool lost me

Before he owned me 

As I gained back me,

I learned to close the door behind me